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Bumpy Rides and Soft Landings Book Cover

As someone whose innate filter doesn’t always work, Pauley says it exactly as he sees it. Written in his uniquely humorous, poignant, sarcastic, self-deprecating, honest, and mildly outrageous style, he recounts stories of growing up different, while learning important lessons from even the most unlikely of sources: a chili dog, a nasty queen, a cursing coworker, a Porta-Potty, a stranger’s judgment, a sore butt, a new piano, a tiny scar, a grieving widow, and a hateful bully.

With the millions of miles he’s logged in over the years, along with the thousands of diverse and colorful characters he’s met and observed along the way, he knows one thing for certain: On this journey called Life, with no GPS or autopilot to help us navigate, no one truly knows what their final destination will be. And, because the ride will undoubtedly be turbulent at times, it’s best to just fasten your seat belts, learn from the experience, and always hope for a soft landing.

Available in hardcover, paperback and e-book wherever books are sold.

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Bumpy Rides and Soft Landings Book Cover and passport
Above the Clouds


All the feels


"Bumpy rides and soft landings is an apt title for this introspective, poignant, land-based, and inflight, globetrotting memoir with all the feels. Get ready for a whacky, heartbreaking, bawdy, jaw-dropping, laugh-out-loud coming of age (and beyond) journey.”


A fun romp all the way around

"I've been anxiously awaiting the debut of this novel. James' wry humor and his ability to tell a great story makes this quite an enjoyable and engaging read. Such talent!"


Honest and a laugh a minute


"James Pauley tells an open and honest account of life, love and the crazy airline industry! I can’t wait for more!! I loved it!" 


A must read journey through land and blue skies

"Loved the inspiring moments, laughed till tears came out of my eyes at some of the stories, and lived the adventures through the sound of the author’s vivid words."


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